Monday, November 1, 2010

DIY gift bags, tags and cards

This year for Christmas I decided to make my own cards, gift tags and bags. Handmade things are always better. The best part about this is how inexpensive it was! 

Holiday Card

First I picked up some inexpensive items at Michaels.
- pack of 8 premade cards and envelopes for $1
-some glitter $1
-ribbon $1.50

Then I gathered items I had at my house.
-Christmas stamps
-stamp pad
-glue pen
-scrapbooking adhesive

1. Stamp the card in desired configuration 
2. Apply glue where you want the glitter to stick
3. Sprinkle on glitter
4. Glue ribbon down and tie in a bow
 The end result....

 Gift bags and tags

 The only thing I had to purchase for this were the plain gift bags ($5.99 for 13 at Michaels) and the ribbon.

 Items gathered from my house: Green cardstock, gold dots, hole punch, stamp, stamp pad, and oval cutting system.

1. Using the oval cutting system and carstock cut an oval in whatever size you think works.
2. Stamp the oval.
3. Apply embellishments.
4. Hole punch your oval.
5. Thread ribbon through hole and attach to gift bag, tying in a bow if you like.

Now you have great personalized cards and gift bags for all the wonderful gifts you will be giving this season.
Get creative and play around with other ideas to personalize your gifts! Remember, this works for any holiday (or birthday) not just Christmas!

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