Monday, December 13, 2010


Made this awhile ago in photoshop and wanted to share! Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Customized Candles

Every year I love figuring out what to get my loved ones for Christmas. I like to find something I know they will love and not just a generic gift. My grandmothers are always tough. This year I decided to make them candles! I know they love handmade gifts; who doesn't? I stumbled upon a candle making set I was given a long time ago and had everything I needed to make these! It even came with instructions so it was pretty easy to do. My only complaint, its a bit time consuming having to pour then cool, pour, cool and pour again. Here is what I started with
-metal pouring pot (this creates a double boiler)
-candle wicks
-wax ( I hear soy is better as it is not carcinogenic nor does it give off black smoke which marks up your walls)
-candle thermometer
-glass containers (to hold your candle)
-candle scent
-candle colorant

All of these things can be found at Michaels, Joanns or any other craft store.

Each package of wax comes with instructions on the
back. Always follow these instructions as I have found they differ according to the type of wax it is.For the top layer and the smaller candles I used a crystallizing wax which created a really unique effect.

1- Melt wax in double boiler
2-Add colorant and scent, stir in
3-Place candle wick in jar or container
4-Slowly and carefully pour wax into container
5-Use something to keep the wick straight and centered as it cools. I found a fork works great for this purpose.
6-After designated cooling time, reheat and repour wax
7-Again you have to allow to cool and repour wax
8-When it is finally cooled you can add a personalized label if you wish and tie a ribbon around your gift!