Saturday, January 23, 2010

beautiful use of reclaimed items

I came across this blog and was amazed by the interiors done on the Parliament, a local graphic design and marketing company. I am not sure who did the design but I aspire to create such unique designs. The designer incorporates reclaimed wood from various sources, along with street signs and even pizza ovens! I was excited to see Gus Jane chairs used in 50% recycled wool called Billards flint. I loved the relaxed environment, what a great place to work, it seems fun to go to work! What first captured my eyes was this picture of firewood arranged as a wall, how cool, I definitely have never seen that before! Let me know what you guys think!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Reopening in Portland!

I got the opportunity to go to a designers breakfast at the renovated Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store on Burnside. The store was opened and ran for five years by my current boss at hip furniture, David. After the five year lease was up on the space he sold it back to the company, it was renovated and reopened with new owners. Gwen and I had the pleasure of viewing the showroom shortly after it opened and wow it is amazing. Everything is perfectly designed and displayed. I wish I had photos to share of how the space appears. I have posted some photos of items I like, however they do not show how beautiful they look in a well designed room.The coolest thing was meeting Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams! Unfortunately Lulu their adorable bulldog is no longer around or she would have been at the event too! We also were given their newest book and got it signed! I was truely inspired by visiting the beautiful showroom and can't wait to be designing spaces as wonderful as theirs.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

HGTV Dream Home 2010

I just viewed the new dream home of 2010 and am convinced I need to win it! The design is amazing, I love it! They incorporate some really creative ideas with floor to ceiling tiling, a recyling room, unfinished wood ceilings, cork walls, unique artwork and cultural touches. This house has it all. I love the subtle new mexico colors and style. I'm ready to move in, now HGTV please please please pick me!