Friday, May 31, 2013

Paint Chip Art

I have seen so many projects lately reusing paint chip samples! I have yet to make one myself but think it might be about time to do so. Surprisingly I don’t have any paint chips hanging around at the moment.

Ombre artwork by The Lovely Cupboard

Cityscape artwork via LiveLoveDIY

I’m a sucker for hearts! Aren’t these cute?!
Paper punch heart garland
Heart Garland from Heart Garland

Paint chip heart canvases from Honey We’re Home
"Shades of Love" DIY Paint Chip Art
Shades of Love artwork by Posh Pink Giraffe

Ombre herringbone from ellementary home

Dragonfly bookmark and card by hwoodred
Paint sample calendar by Crafty Chic

Have you done any paint chip art? Post a link below, I would love to see it!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Run it!

I am trying to get back into a workout routine but boy is it hard. I have a gym membership and am extremely lucky to have a very nice trail pretty close to my house. Today I had the best run and walk! On the walk back I snapped some photos of this beautiful trail!

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