Monday, November 22, 2010

Kristen's Hip Picks

 So most of you know I work at a great modern furniture store called hip. The other day I decided all the employees should pick their top three things and we would post it to our blog. Here is Lauren Taylors write up about my top three picks. Man of man was it hard to decide what three items I love the most out of the store.

Kristen’s Picks!


Meet Kristen: Operations Manager and one of our resident designers down here at HIP. Her interests include; peppermint mochas, cruise ships, blogging (, scrap booking, and hanging out with the cookie monster. We love her for keeping us organized and maintaining sanity in the shop.


The Savoy by Natuzzi is a piece that Kristen truly believes in. She recently ordered this sectional in 25 grade Status Brown leather. The comfort of this piece is something that all the employees here agree on. While we all vary in our preferences from soft to firm cushioning, we've concluded that the Savoy is something we could really put our feet up on and sink into. It also happens to be a piece that the owners, Dave and Susie, have in their home. (


The Zeta by Natuzzi is not only a modern beauty, but it happens to be the most comfortable item in the store. (


"I love all our new rugs! It's so hard to pick just one." said Kristen, "I chose this one [Vitalize 114.012.100 by Ligne Pure] because of the coloring and unique design." Not to mention that a wool rug like this can last up to 40 years! (

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  1. I should come in and check it out sometime. What days slash times do you work?