Friday, July 15, 2011

After watching extreme couponing, I have began reasarching the world of couponing. My favorite resource is Money Saving Mom. You subscribe and daily receive a newsletter detailing the best deals.Often specific savings are shown for a store and have clickable coupons allowing you to replicate the deal, sometimes for free or mere pennies. I wasn't able to take a screenshot but below is an example of what it looks like.
Breyers Ice Cream, Magnum Ice Cream Bars, Starbucks Ice Cream – $2.49 (Limit 10)
-Use $.75/1 Breyers Blasts printable coupon OR
-Use $1/1 Magnum printable coupon (or RP 6/26) OR
-Use $1.25/1 Starbucks Ice Cream printable coupon
Final Price = As low as $1.24
Red Baron Singles – $1.99 (Limit 10)
-Use $1/1 Red Baron coupon (SS 6/5)
Final Price = $.99
Tide Detergent – $5.99 (Limit 2)
-Use $1/2 Tide Detergent coupon (PG 7/3)
Final Price = $10.98 for 2 ($5.49 each)
Herbal Essences Haircare – $2.49 (Limit 4)
-Use $3/1 Styler WYB Herbal Essences coupon (PG 7/3)
Final Price = $2.49 for 2 ($1.25 each)
Ziploc Food Bags – $1.49 (Limit 2)
-Use $1/2 Ziploc printable coupon (Recyclebank)
Final Price = $1.98 for 2 ($.99 each)
Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry – $2.99 (Limit 2)
-Use $.75/1 Minute Maid printable coupon
Final Price = $2.24

On my shopping experience I choose to go to target for some household items. has printable coupons updated frequently. If you are lucky AND smart you will find manufacturer coupons for the same items that you can use with the target coupon. I also compare prices and quantities. Targets brand up and up has similar products to the name brands, often with the same ingredients, for significantly less.
I got all of these products on my shopping trip:

up and up cleaning wipes $3.99-$0.50 coupon=$3.49 
scrubbing bubbles on sale for $2.50
up and up brand swiffer wet jet refill pads 16 for $6.19
20 Method dish tabs $4.99-$1 coupon=$3.99
2 sour patch candies at $1.99 each-$1 coupon for 2=$2.98
2 packages Johnsonville hot dogs $2.54 each-$1 off=$4.08
3 vitamin waters $1 each - buy two get one free coupon =$2
up and up hand soap $0.89
Old spice deoderant ($4.49) (with trial size body wash) and body wash ($3.49)used buy one get one free coupon and $1 off=$3.29 for everything
Colgate Max $2.74-$1off (target coupon) and $1 off manufacturer=$0.74
Excedrin 20 count $4.24-$1 target coupon and $1 manufacturer=$2.24
2 boxes of kellog protein bars (6) $5.44 each (no deal here but I eat these every morning)
2 different sizes of heft one zip bags with $1 off each=$2 for both
Angel soft toilet paper 12 pk $5.99 (no coupons)
Ball point pens$1.44-$1 taget coupon=$0.44 for two pens
up and up printer paper $3.14
Total $52.25
Total savings 19.49

Its nothing amazing like on extreme couponing but overall I saved $20 on things I needed. If I can continue shopping this way I will save a lot of money over time! Do you coupon? 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The world of advertising

I have always been very intrigued in advertising and graphics. I have done a few things here and there with graphics but nothing major. I am always around when my boss makes ads for the furniture store and originally thought it would be fun to create one of my own. However, I quickly became intimidated as there is a specific look and way he likes the ads. Yesterday he decided to have me start messing with an ad, gave me all these thoughts/directions and then left for the day. Oh boy was I overwhelmed. I do okay in photoshop but I am definitly not a pro at it. After messing around with the ad for quite a few hours I finally finished and sent it to him for his review. He actually liked it a lot, but we tweaked a few things on it to create a better looking ad. The ad was almost even used for print in Just Out! Unfortunately some of the images were not high enough quality for print. Overall I think it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself :)