Thursday, March 29, 2012

Contemporary Comfort

I'm loving the colors in this simple yet comfortable living room. Very contemporary, yet comfortable with a down filled sofa, pillows and blankets, I could just wrap myself up in this living room.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Art of Arranging Shelves

Shelves are essential in nearly every space. What is the key to getting your shelves to look clean and polished while creating interest? I have listed below some important tips and ideas to remember when arranging your bookshelf. You will notice the photos I have used, follow many of these basic rules.

-Key items to use: vases, bowls, plates or platters, frames, boxes, objects of interest, and candle holders. You can easily find these items at garage sales, thrift stores, the dollar store, or even around the house

-use items of varying heights, widths and depths

-cluster items in groups of odd numbers, threes and fives; you don't want everything to be perfectly symmetric, but for the shelf to look symmetric as a whole. 

-Use decorative boxes, baskets or containers of different sizes and colors to hide away all your goods. If it is something interesting why not display it in a clear jar or container?

-use antiques or other fun figurines to add interest. Find something that inspires you, check flea markets, local thrift stores, Saturday Market, finds from afar, your parents or grandparents attic, etc.

-arrange books in groups vertically and horizontally. I prefer to stack the largest book first and then continue using smaller and smaller books. Place a small object on top of the horizontally placed books.

-Its great to create a geometric and symmetrical bookshelf, but remember to bring in a few items that are organic shapes so the shelf doesn't look stale.

-Layer items, put frames or art in the back and a smaller item in the front

-pick a few colors to tie everything together, repeat the colors throughout to give the shelf unity

-paint or wallpaper the back wall of the shelf a contrasting color to create visual interest and depth

-why not organize your books by color? This gives a very fun and playful effect.

-When you decide to rearrange your shelf, take everything off and begin apply the items in layers, rearranging until it looks good to your eye. Often, you have to do lots of rearranging before you get it just right.

Check out this great post showing other strategies on arranging your bookshelves! 
Any other tips/tricks you have heard for arranging shelves? I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is it spring yet?

I think the weather is a bit confused... Yesterday was the first day of spring, yet today many woke with snow on the ground. Now tonight it is snowing again! What is going on? At the moment the snow is just melting on the ground, but I thought I would share some photos of me and Brian at the mountain snowboarding. We have gone to the mountain many times this year. Brian even got me three time learn to snowboard lessons. I just finished my third lesson and am finally doing much better! I lucked out and received private lessons every single time! So lucky! As much as Brian tried to teach and help me with snowboarding, the instructor was a lot better at assisting me (and me dealing with him). We also were able to go to Bend to celebrate our four year anniversary. We went to Winterfest and saw the rail jam, spent time with my cousin and her family and hit up Bachelor. Oh my Bachelor, you are so much more amazing than Meadows. We had blue skies, tons of fresh powder and beautiful scenery! 

What have you been doing to enjoy the winter weather or spring weather? I have to admit I very much am ready for spring and the beautiful sunshine! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrift Finds

I have always wanted to get into thrifting and restoring items. Occasionally I will pop in places and look around. The other day I stopped in the Salvation Army and found these great frames! How wonderful would these look spray painted in a glossy white? or glossy black? or any other color really?  Obviously the actual picture would have to go, just pop in a mirror and you would have a beautiful statement piece. These babies were $6.95 each!

I didn't end up purchasing them because they just weren't the style of my home. Although I loved them, my home is more modern and I didn't feel they would go. But I thought I would share a great idea that you could easily find at your own thrift store!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bringing the Outdoors in

I am in love with the natural look of branches and blossoms being displayed in the home. Although they have flowers on them, they are much different than your traditional lilies or roses from the store. These beauties look perfect in fun translucent vases and containers. Nature is constantly a source of inspiration for me and I want to bring that look indoors. Now time for the lovely photos.

Photos from Pinterest.

Now that I am inspired, I need to locate some cherry blossoms or other branches to display in my home. Where can I get these though? Is it okay to take them from your neighbors yard or nearby park? Just kidding I know I can't do that... On a side note, 2012 marks the 100 year anniversary of Japan's gift to Washington DC of 3,000 cherry trees!