Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unique Jewelry Displays

Most girls have a ton of Jewelry. Whats a girl to do with all of it? Check out these unique storage ideas!
The Borrowed Abode shares a great idea of taking a used window pane and refurbishing it, while adding a few knobs, hooks and screen to create a large display of your jewelry! I Love it!

 View the full tutorial here

My friend Kelley had a great DIY on an earring holder that doubles as a display!

I love the look  of hanging your earrings in a picture frame displaying them. 

 PUREGREENLIVING.COM shared this great earring holder! This reminds me of looking at jewelry in a cute boutique!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The William- a different kind of stove top

The unique stove top uses a new technology to create the heat on the exact area you set your pan and only that area. It is large enough to allow 21 different items to be set down and heated at the same time! It also has extremely useful controls allowing you to specify what to do, example: in 20 minutes reduce to simmer.I'm sure the "William" is a pretty penny but it sure seems handy! 

Summer Shoes

BP espadrille sandal, $60
BP. bp shoes, $50
Enzo Angiolini platform shoes, $89
Enzo Angiolini leather sandal, $80
Pumps, $45
Enzo Angiolini leather peep toe pumps, $89
Seychelles strap sandal, $70
G by Guess high heel pumps, $45
madden girl Fira Sandal, $40

I am sure wanting to go shoe shopping! There are so many cute shoes out right now! I need to snag a few pairs. Unfortunately I am really trying to save my money, but these are just so tempting!  

Monday, May 2, 2011

This photo makes me smile

Today I attended my photography workshop "Capturing True Emotion." I learned an incredible amount of information during the 6 hours. This allowed me to finally learn how to use my new camera. I will give a detailed blog post on some helpful tips and tricks I learned. But for now, here is my favorite photo of the day! I'm so happy I captured this and I believe it turned out incredible!