Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tone it up

So I will admit it, I’m really bad about working out on a regular basis. I know I need to do it more often and that it makes me feel better, but I have the worst self control. My lazy butt always says ugh I don’t feel like it, I’ll work out tomorrow. Clearly that gets me no where. The last few weeks I have been trying to get in a schedule of working out and I am absolutely loving the workouts from Tone it up. There are lots of free videos on their website and on Youtube. Currently they are doing the love your body series until Valentines day. The toning videos are tough but they really work and are pretty short so you can’t make up the excuse you don’t have time. You also should be running or doing some sort of cardio, which I have not been doing. I have a great running trail right by my house but it’s dark before I go to work and after I come home, so I just need to start doing some cardio at the gym.  I’m warning you though, the men in your life will be drooling over the cute girls Katrina and Karena in he videos. They also just started airing the show Toned Up on Bravo which is a hilarious behind the scenes look of what they do on a daily bases. Watching the show made me love these girls even more as they are just so goofy and their quirky personality truly shows. So in case you are having a hard time getting motivated to keep your new year resolutions, check out these videos and get toned up!

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