Friday, February 7, 2014

Color Series: Pink


In the spirit of Valentines day we must celebrate pink and red! I already posted some fun spaces done with red. In case you missed it, check it out here. I have always loved pink but in order to successfully use it in spaces, you must use it sparingly or be okay with a super girly room. In other words I don’t know if your husband will be thrilled with a super pink living room.


Caitlin Wilson- love her! 


Blossoms and Bliss



A Thoughtful Place


Ava main.jpg

Apartment Therapy




The Aestate



This is Glamorous



Style at Home


Three-Way Mirrors

Better Homes and Garden


Design Sponge


Casa Sugar


Pink and White Bathroom. I LOVE THIS!!!!

Unfortunately the original link is not working. Does anyone know the original source of this photo?


Hope this gives you guys some inspiration if you have been wanting to dabble with pink in your home! Now I’m going to go play in the snow!

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