Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inbox out of control?

My personal inbox has been out of control for along time now. I continued to sign up for things wanting to be in the know, receive coupons, follow blogs/websites, etc. As you can imagine, it soon became way to overwhelming as I had 5,000 emails in my inbox. Often times I would briefly see it and not have time or the interest to thoroughly look at it, so they kept accumulated. I recently read about an amazing program called I do not remember where I initially heard the concept, but forgot to do it then and just revisited it. Essentially, it connects to your email, finds all your subscriptions( I had over 200) and then allows you to add them to your rollup, keep receiving by themselves in the regular format you are use to, or unsubscribe from them in one click. Daily you will receive a digest (called a rollup) of all of these subscriptions, instead of clogging up your email with 50 sale notifications at all your favorite stores. I was able to QUICKLY go through and identify things I no longer cared about (or really hadn’t subscribed to) and click unsubscribe and it was done. Then I added most my subscriptions to my rollup. Some emails were important enough that I wanted to keep them separate and to continue receiving them by themselves.

your rollup
As you go through it, I love that it gives you a visual of what the email is. If you are interested you click on the image and it opens up the full email. From this rollup, you can easily unsubscribe, stop including it in your roll up and categorize it.

This is a game changer. I can’t wait to start living in a simplified world with my email. Now, if I could just get my client emails this organized and to the point…

PS I was not paid to post about this I just thought it was an amazing tool that others would find useful!

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