Thursday, January 17, 2013



I often find myself looking at blogs and thinking wow I wish I could have an organized closet (or whatever space) but I can’t because I don’t even have the space for everything I own and can’t neatly organize it {this kinda is true as I am in a small one bedroom with two of us living here and we have a lot of stuff}. On the other hand, I will admire these great interiors that look perfect and think I’m an interior designer I should have an amazing space, but I don’t have the extra funds to do really anything. As much as I love blogs, they can get me a bit depressed as I envy these bloggers who are able to do all these amazing things. We have to remind ourselves that many of these people are older and have more money and/or many of them our stay at home moms. Don’t take that wrong, I know how much work moms really do, but I also see how during the day they are able to spend time preparing meals, deep cleaning, meal planning, doing diy projects and caring for their home. I always find myself with a brain full of ideas and things I want to do, but not having time to accomplish all of them. With our lives being so busy, how does one keep a clean home, make homemade meals, keep a healthy relationship, work, take care of children, have a social life, and all the other duties we try to fulfill? I always feel that I am being pulled in so many directions and want to be perfect at everything, but nothing is every good enough.



PS I have lots of fun blog ideas I have started working on and I promise I will get them posted soon!

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