Sunday, December 9, 2012




I know I have been slacking in the blogging department, but I have decided blogging needs to be a fun thing I do on the side when I have time. I am not lucky enough to have sponsors and lots of followers (yet), unlike most blogs I read. Therefore I need to take my time and just do it as a hobby. I am constantly coming up with lots of ideas, but having the time to do it is another thing. Lately I have been busy working at the furniture store and meeting with real estate agents trying to get some staging gigs (which has proved to be quite difficult). I have also been having lots of fun photographing things and learning lightroom my new editing program which is amazing! I am excited to share some photos with you but I still have a lot of editing to do. It use to be something I didn’t enjoy so much but I am starting to really like it with the new program. I also finally had a chance to get away on vacation with my boyfriend! Even though we have been together for close to five years we have never been on an out of state vacation. Going to bend is not the same! So we got away to Vegas for 4 nights and had the most wonderful time! We had never been there before so we were quite overwhelmed by all the sights! I loved seeing the elaborate designs throughout the hotels. I have lots of photos from all the cool things on both my phone and nice camera (which I barely used). Here are a handful of pics from my phone, pardon the quality.



The flamingos at my hotel! For those of you who don’t know me, I have had an obsession with flamingos for quite some time!


We went to Caesars Palace the first night to go to the club Pure. Everything was so beautiful inside!


My little cutie Smile



I believe this was outside the caesars palace forum shops which were filled with these beautiful roman sculptures throughout. I felt like I was actually in Rome!


I absolutely loved the design of this h & m! Luckily for the bf we didn’t have room in the suitcase for anything so I didn’t go shopping!


This is another shot of the amazing h & m. I don’t know about you but my h & m does not look like this!


This cool view of the strip was actually taken out a window in the bathroom at a club called Moon in the Palms! Pretty spectacular! We also saw the strip all lit up when we flew in and out of Vegas.


We split the best nacho’s here!


The view of New York New York! Can’t wait to go back and ride the roller coaster!


We got to go to an incredible club called Tryst in the Wynn hotel. There was a 94 foot waterfall! How cool!


The Wynn had a beautiful landscaping display inside. The hanging spheres are made of flowers!



We split the most delicious 32 oz bone in slow roasted prime rib at First Food and Bar in the Palazzo.


The fourth and final night we were exhausted but decided we had to make out. We went to XS in encore and were lucky enough to see manufactured superstars perform! We had not heard of them before but loved the show they put on!


Manufactured superstars perform wearing nasa suits and threw around these blow up astronauts, which I was lucky enough to snag!


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! =)

  2. What a fun trip! I went when I was 16, so not too much for me to enjoy at that age. We did see 2 great shows, though! Your gold dress is so fun and pretty on you!

    1. You will definitely have to go again now that you are older! There was so much to see and do! From a design perspective, there is a lot of cool over the top design! Thank you! The dress was perfect for vegas!