Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photography Workshop

I have been wanting a DSLR camera for awhile now but am having a hard time spending the money. I would like to get one for $300-400. I just can't pick which one and make the leap. i have considered buying on craigslist but am leery of that too. Today as I was going through my reader I saw Jen from Made By Girl had posted her year old Canon Rebel for $300! Of course that was three days ago and it has sold :( I really have the itch to get a camera now especially since I got an awesome groupon deal today! $59 for a 4 hour photography class + 2 hour safari shoot at the zoo! I read all the FAQ's and saw some reviews and just had to do it. I knew I would need some education once I got  the camera and this was the perfect opportunity! Soon I will be shooting amazing photos for design, blogging and plain ol' life :)

Does anyone have any suggestions on cameras to look at or places to look?

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