Monday, March 28, 2011

Create your own mercury glass and how to get things for cheap!

The Nate Berkus Show is amazing! I had always heard it was a great show but was never home when it was on. Today I got to watch it and let me tell you I loved it. There were two segments I absolutely loved and thought I must share with you.

1. Creating your own mercury glass and mirrors
This how to is starring Erica from (love her blog!)


I am definitely going to be trying this out soon! 

2. Ways to drastically cut your bill at the grocery store




Have fun saving money!

PS If you are reading this through a reader open it up so you can see the videos :)



  1. I just attempted to make mercury glass last week! I am going to post a tutorial soon...I wish I would have seen this before I tried mine out.

  2. Ooh definitly looking forward to that! I was super bummed, I went to Lowes tonight and they don't have the "looking glass" spray for it. I have no clue where to get it!