Friday, March 4, 2011


This past fall my boyfriend and I went over to Kahneeta and stayed at the resort. I have always gone there for the day and basked in the sun and relaxed in the warm pool. The water comes from a natural hot spring and is cooled in the summer and 92 degrees in the fall and winter. It is just wonderful. 

Photo from their website.

Staying at the resort is a completely different experience. You have a very nice room, a casino, separate pool and hot tub, restaurants and such. Once we arrived to our room we immediatly went out on the balcony and saw this!

There were two beautiful wild horses grazing in the grace right by our room! I love horses and was very excited about this. I ended up telling the concierge and it turns out they feed up there all the time! After watching them for a while we went and explored and went to dinner. We came back to the room and they were still out there! Clearly I was amazed by this. Just wanted to share some beautiful scenery. If you live in Oregon or ever visit I highly recommend visiting Kahneeta!  

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