Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY Ornament Wreath

I got invited to a pinterest party last week and we made the cutest ornament wreaths! The host picked up all the supplies, had delicious drinks and snacks and even an adorable nail polish to take home. We didn't really follow specific instructions on how to make this wreath, we just figured it out and helped one another. You basically start with a foam wreath, remove the hanger type piece from the ornament and sort of dig the ornament top piece into the foam. Then you take hot glue and put it at that location on the wreath and apply the ornament and hold until the glue dries. It gets harder the fuller the wreath gets but you want to have your colors and textures evenly spaced, your ornaments positioned at different angles, and you want to create different layers using different sized ornaments. It was really fun because we had such a variety of ornaments to choose from and everyone created something different. We all agreed that they all looked amazing! It takes some time but it’s really easy to do!


Here are some more photos of my wreath when I was at home.

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