Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick and easy pork loins

Are you ready for a very easy and healthy dinner? I hadn't had pork in a while and remember always enjoying barbecued pork when I was younger so I asked my mom what she did to season it and it was so simple: garlic powder and Lawry's seasoning salt! So I bought three small organic pork loins. Pork is a bit expensive but the difference between organic and non organic was very minimal so it was easy to make the right choice! I sprinkled on some garlic powder, Lawry's seasoning salt and a bit of pepper around all the edges of the meat. I then barbecued it on medium heat until it was seared on one side, flipped it and seared the other side, then I cut into it to make sure it was done since I don't have a thermometer. The best part of pork is it has very low fat in it! I served it with a side of salad and garlic cheese bread! I didn't take a photo as I didn't intend on blogging about it, but I thought I would share this easy meal for those looking for dinner in a pinch! 

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