Friday, June 17, 2011

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Furniture

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factors to consider when purchasing furniture

Furniture Talk

• Measure your space


• Decide what you want to keep and what needs to go
• It is best to go with neutral colors for your main pieces such as your sofa or sectional.You can add color and character whenever you like by switching out pillows, accessories, artwork and wall color.

• Find pieces that function well for you and your family. Example: If you are buying a sectional for a media room you do not want to choose the firmest piece, you want to choose something like the lazytime allowing you to lounge.

Lazytime by Camerich
• Use masking tape or painters tape to mark out the area you want to place the furniture. This allows you to see how the piece will really fit and work in the room.

ImageImage via
• Check out a few swatches you like and look at them in the space morning, afternoon and evening. Color changes drastically with lighting conditions.
• You don’t have to do everything at once, focus on one room or one piece at a time. Get the largest pieces first and form the room around it. It’s okay to spend a year transitioning the room.

• Questions to ponder about the specific pieces you are looking at
- how is the piece going to hold up over time?
-what is the warranty on it?
-How do you clean it?
-How many double rubs are there?
*The wyzenbeek is a test done to determine how many times the fabric can be “rubbed” before the fabric shows significant signs of wear. A machine holds the piece of fabric down very tightly and an abrasive material is rubbed against it. Upholstery fabric must go through this test. Once you get to 25,000 double rubs, it is considered commercial grade. The higher number, the longer the upholstery will last.

• There are not many stores that carry stock of items these days. Hip has chose to focus on having custom pieces that are ordered in the material and finish you prefer.
• Most items have many options just ask!
• Please feel free to chat with us at the store. We really are here to help and want you to truly love your pieces for years to come. We all have a keen eye for design and 2 of us even have our interior design degree. I dare you to pick are brains.


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