Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unique Jewelry Displays

Most girls have a ton of Jewelry. Whats a girl to do with all of it? Check out these unique storage ideas!
The Borrowed Abode shares a great idea of taking a used window pane and refurbishing it, while adding a few knobs, hooks and screen to create a large display of your jewelry! I Love it!

 View the full tutorial here

My friend Kelley had a great DIY on an earring holder that doubles as a display!

I love the look  of hanging your earrings in a picture frame displaying them. 

 PUREGREENLIVING.COM shared this great earring holder! This reminds me of looking at jewelry in a cute boutique!


  1. Thanks for sharing my earring display! Appreciate it :) The window is a GREAT idea that I would love to try!

  2. Love this! I love the black frame, I think I might do this!!

  3. With less song and dance and maximizing small space, however, strong twine or colored ribbons can be strung up to hold bracelets and bangles. Jewelery doesn’t have to just sit in boxes on a table. Placing hand-made ear-rings in translucent mesh bags, secured with a ribbon, also attracts people to open them and peak inside.

  4. @Unique Jewelry-Thank you for sharing those ideas!