Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Loving TRADhome!

TRADhome was debuted yesterday and ooh I love it! Digital magazines have become quite popular recently, for one of my favorite reasons--- it's free and eco friendly!  I always recycle my magazines to a friend or the recycling bin but that’s still a lot of waste. Traditional Home Magazine has started a digital publication and I was a bit skeptical at first due to the Traditional  part. Their traditional has plenty of twists and doesn't look like your grandmas basement! Also a unique feature the magazine has is nearly all items are "clickable." You click on the item and it takes you directly to the vendors site with the specific color, piece, etc. Now that’s handy! Some of my favorite photos from the 347 pages were:

Tip: If you do not want to invest in fancy napkin rings for your latest shindig use ribbon to tie around the napkins.  


I have always loved the pop art style since I begun interior design classes in high school. This photo captures the essence of pop art.

What did you love about TRADhome? Are there any design digital publications you read?

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