Sunday, February 20, 2011

Customized Liquid Hand Soap

I came across this great DIY project from Infarrantly Creative before Christmas on how to make customized liquid hand soap.I thought it was very creative, inexpensive and easy to do. I ended up making at least 20 for my loved ones! Everyone loved them!

Here are the gifts I made for my little cousins which included bath fizzies, lip balm, bath salts and soap.

All you need to make the customized soap is:

A bottle of liquid hand soap (make sure it is transparent) I found a great smelling coconut soap at dollar tree!
Goo Gone
Overhead transparencies 
Paper cutter
Lazer printer or copier

1) Remove the label on the liquid hand soap with goo gone and a paper towel. This is the most time consuming/annoying part. 

2) Find the graphic you want to use and copy it onto a word document. Resize according to the size of the bottle and how big you want it to be. 

3) Obtain all your graphics and put them onto the page in word, I was able to fit about six images. Print that out.

4) Make sure everything looks right and to the right sizing. Then take your transparency and copy the word document onto it. If you don't have a laser printer at home (one that uses toner not ink) take it down to Kinkos and get it copied. This must be done on a laser printer or the image will come off the transparency.

5) Cut the images out leaving as much space around them as available, they tend to float better if they have more transparency to support it

6) Roll up the transparency image and stick it in the top of the soap container, it will slowly uncurl itself in the soap to reveal the image.

7) Use ribbon or raffia to tie around the top and attach a gift tag stating whom it is for.

 Some different images I used: a circular pattern available here with the last name of the person I gave it to or a phrase, cheerleading graphics for my little cousins, disney/animated characters, college mascot....Thats all I can think of right now. I thought of who I wanted to give the gifts to and then thought of something they liked, googled it and found a good black and white image of it. This would also make for a cute house warming gift, thank you gift, wedding or baby gift, etc. On one of my friends I put "The Future Mrs. Clark" since she is getting married soon.

I forgot to take pictures of all the others I made! They all turned out so cute, I loved them and most importantly everyone enjoyed their handmade gift :)

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