Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skin Deep

I just found a very interesting website, completely unrelated to something I would generally post on. However, it had such an effect on me I figured everyone should know about this. The website is called Skin Deep which is a safety guide for cosmetics and personal products. It is ran by the Environmental Working Group to show you the toxity of the ingrediants in your products. They even have a section for baby products; I looked up Johnson's and Johnson's baby lotion and found it is a moderate hazard 6 out of 10!!! This is a product people are using on babies and the ingrediants have been known to lead to:

 They even said 90% of other baby lotions had a lower risk! Eeek! I will definitely be checking this database for products I currently use as well as before I go shopping. I don't quite understand how this isn't regulated better. I challenge you to buy products with a low hazard and get rid of any with a moderate or high hazard!

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