Sunday, March 7, 2010

Elise Island-a well designed space for children

I am very passionate about good design suited for children. I love kids and have worked with them for many years, i feel they have very specific needs different from adults. Senior year studio was spent working on a child care facility and learning about efficient design for children. When I came across the article on Elise Island () I immediately fell in love with the design. The space was designed as a santuary for children and adolescents suffering from psychiatric problems. When the children and adolescents arrive at the hospital they are told the story of Princess Elise. When she was young, Princess Elise invented her own island, with golden sand, palm trees, rocks that kiss the waves and shelters where she could rest when she needed to. Here she was always safe. Now as a grown-up lady, Elise does no longer need to live on the island and therefore dedicated it to her young patients in the hospital. There are three separate "playrooms" according to the age of children.

The things that work well in this design are:

-the use of primary colors

-wide variety of shapes

-multiple levels

-friendly drawings on walls



-creative play areas

-seating for parents/doctors/nurses

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