Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Design a Room

In the last few days I have discovered several websites where you can pay as little as $250 for a professional designer to custom design your room. I think this is taking away the credibility of designers. We already have lots of design shows showing everyday homeowners how to create a designer look and now this super cheap option?! Where is my interior design degree going to take me if we belittle interior design? I entered this career to become a professional, not to be a "decorator."

Frustrated Designer


  1. So I am assuming you are working at Hip Furniture now...How are you liking it there? I will have to come on in and visit. Is there just the one on Thurman and 25th? It literally is 6 blocks down the street from where I live (Marshall & 25th). What days do you work? I loved the Chesterfield link that you sent me.