Friday, October 10, 2014

Burlap Canvas Button Art



I had seen some cute button art projects on Pinterest and with friends having babies I thought it was a cute piece of artwork to make to have in their room. Here is how I made mine.

First you want to take your burlap and wrap it over the canvas to determine how much burlap you need. I used two layers of burlap so you couldn’t see the white canvas. You could paint the canvas a complimentary color and then use one layer of burlap so the color shows through if you like.Then use a rotary cutter and a straight edge to smoothly cut your burlap to size. If you don’t have those items you can use scissors but I strongly recommend them as it makes it a lot easier to cut the burlap or any fabric. Then you are going to wrap the burlap around the canvas and begin hot gluing the edges down while holding the burlap tight so it lays flat. Try to keep it so the weave in the burlap is straight on the canvas. If it is crooked it makes you think the letter is crooked and will drive you crazy.


Next take your buttons of varying size and color and lay them out in the desired letter or pattern. It takes awhile to play with them to figure out what looks best so take your time. For letters think of the type of font you want to replicate. Once you have it laid out, begin hot gluing each button down. Then you are done!






*Use a hair dryer to blow off the left over hot glue cobwebs

*make sure you have plenty of glue sticks, it takes quite a bit of glue to get the burlap on

*Use a cool hot glue gun (or just be careful) as your fingers are pretty close when you are holding the buttons

*Use common sense and keep this artwork away from young babies and children as the buttons are a choking hazard

*Use both sides of the buttons to create variations

*Use clear ruler/straight edge to make sure the letter is spaced appropriately on your canvas

*Make sure you cut your burlap so there is enough room to wrap it around the edges. As I was hot gluing mine I also realized a staple gun would have made this pretty quick and easy to attach to the canvas.

Please share your canvas art pics! I would love to see what you make!

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