Saturday, September 14, 2013

Washi Tape Graphics On Your Walls



Oh washi tape, what have we done without you. I have seen so many cute projects with washi tape, but somehow haven’t started using it myself! Here are some fun ideas to do creating graphics and decorations on your walls. This is perfect if you are a renter and can’t paint or put wallcoverings up.


I love the idea of creating  frames on your walls

The Manifesto Magalog/ Cup of Te this new online mag is so cute!!


Love this idea for a picture wall with no frames.. Washi tape creations instead. Love it or not your thing?

Creative Hearts




Tape Picture Frames

Buzz Feed


molla mills washi tape - lieveleersbeestje

Live Leers Bestje




fellowfellow washi dot wall - lieveleersbeestje

Live Leers Bestje


DIY Pirate Ship

Buzz Feed


Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIY

A Beautiful Mess





Crab and Fish


Objects and Use


This is my ultimate favorite! I really want to do this above my bed. I currently don’t have a headboard and would love to create a faux headboard with this.



Have you done any fun projects using washi tape on your walls? I would love to see your creations!

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