Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Organization Tip of the Day

To fellow organizers (or wannabe organizers) out there, you know when you find a good box, basket, or container you just have to buy it and it doesn’t matter what you put in it. You will find a use for it. Well that happened to me the other day when I was at the Dollar Tree. I spotted a blue somewhat transparent pencil/crayon/marker box. Although I do have a wide array of pencils, colored pencils and special rendering markers from school (and scrapbooking) I did not need this box for those. I knew I had to have it and that it would serve a great purpose for something. I began thinking of what I could put in the container and decided to share some ideas with you guys.
  • small tools or parts
  • pictures
  • picture hooks and mounting supplies
  • face wipes (for the gym) or baby wipes (for the car) they are really handy when your hands are dirty or you spill something!
  • scrapbook supplies such as punches, stamps, ribbon or washi tape, cut outs, decorative flowers or other 3d decorations, scissors, adhesives, glitter, cricut cartridges, etc
  • packets in the kitchen such as seasoning, mixes, and drink packets
  • card games
  • receipts
  • coupons
  • small toiletries (travel or sample size)
  • makeup/makeup brushes
  • nail polish/supplies
  • perfume samples
  • stockpile of extras (toothbrush, razers, soap, etc)

I’m pretty sure you now see how great this dollar find truly is. Plus, if you still can’t find a use for it after my many ideas, it was only a dollar. Do you have any other uses you can think of?


  1. Great tips! I think containers are really important for storage so the home is kept spacious.

    1. Yes I agree! Although I am not always the cleanest or most organized, I like to be. Thanks for the comment!