Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dabble and Skillshare

Just read about a pretty cool new concept that will be coming to Portland soon. Dabble. $20 for a short class (1-3 hours, one time) on lots of cool hobbies and interests! Painting, drawing, cooking, business, etc.  I always think of new things I want to try and do but the classes are expensive and often quite time consuming.  Also, this is a pretty fun idea for a date night! Whether it be with a friend or significant other. Check out the cool video explaining it!

There is also skillshare, offering classes, digital or in person for as little as $5! A lot of classes are business related, but there are also arts and crafts, culianry arts and lifestyle classes. I came across a jewelry making class (digital) by I Spy DIY, a popular blogger. The class was free for the first 500 people to join! Pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to trying some new things :)

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