Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Beauty Products!

Today was a whirlwind at work and not in the good way. The phone wouldn't stop ringing, papers were scattered everywhere and there was lots of stuff to deal with. It was quite overwhelming. But, I got to do something fun after work and visit my brothers work Blush Beauty Bar. This store is quite amazing if you have never been. But it is very hard to resist indulging in their amazing products! I got lucky and got a few gifts from my brother! New Stila foundation, which includes a concealer on the top and a brush. I also got a new stila stay all day liquid lipstick! Then i invested in a very popular product called the beauty blender. It is an egg shaped sponge that is suppose to make applying foundation flawless and super easy! The best part is its reusable and can be cleaned! Can't wait to try out my new products!

photography by Kristen Peterson.

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