Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is it spring yet?

I think the weather is a bit confused... Yesterday was the first day of spring, yet today many woke with snow on the ground. Now tonight it is snowing again! What is going on? At the moment the snow is just melting on the ground, but I thought I would share some photos of me and Brian at the mountain snowboarding. We have gone to the mountain many times this year. Brian even got me three time learn to snowboard lessons. I just finished my third lesson and am finally doing much better! I lucked out and received private lessons every single time! So lucky! As much as Brian tried to teach and help me with snowboarding, the instructor was a lot better at assisting me (and me dealing with him). We also were able to go to Bend to celebrate our four year anniversary. We went to Winterfest and saw the rail jam, spent time with my cousin and her family and hit up Bachelor. Oh my Bachelor, you are so much more amazing than Meadows. We had blue skies, tons of fresh powder and beautiful scenery! 

What have you been doing to enjoy the winter weather or spring weather? I have to admit I very much am ready for spring and the beautiful sunshine! 

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