Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Honor of Valentines Day

Hello there! Yes, I realize today is the day after Valentines Day, but you have to trust me that I meant to post this yesterday, I really did. Last night I enjoyed a nice steak dinner at home and a relaxing evening with my babe. Thats what kept me from posting this!

Real Simple magazine asks readers what is the most important trait in a spouse?

Readers answer with some inspiring words, making me remember what I want my husband to be.

"As a child, I never witnessed my parents having a nasty argument or saying cruel things to or about each other. Their mutual respect must have stuck with me, because in our 20 years of being together, my spouse and I have never insulted each other. We always heed my mom's sage advice: "once said, never unsaid." -Jonathan Tunis

"My husband thanks me for emptying the dishwasher and putting away his laundry, and every time I cook dinner, no matter what I have served, he says, "Thanks for dinner, honey. It was delicious." His gratitute reminds me why i'm happy to do things for him in the first place." -Erica Talbert

"I can always count on my husband to put our family first. When someone asks for his time, his first response is "Let me check with Anne." Sometimes his friends give him grief about the fact that he can't make plans on his own, but he doesn't care. His top priority is being present for our son's ball game or our daugheters concert-whatever is on our family's agenda." -Anne Stone

"Kindness has to be he most undervalued trait in our culture. My husband expresses it through countless small gestures, such as filling my car with gas on a cold day or watching the kids so I can go out with my girlfriends. He is good to me, gentle with our children, and generous with my extended family. He has helped give me a very happy life." -Alison Olsen

The last is my favorite <3
I thought it was inspiring to read about true relationships and the men in the world that do treat women wonderfully even after being married for years. I hope everyone strives to have husbands/boyfriends who treat their women this well.

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