Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chain Tray

I am loving this idea from PS I made This. I will definitly be trying out this idea as soon as I get a chance. Right now though, I am busy being sick and packing to move to a new apartment. I am so excited to be in a very new modern place! I will definitly have photos when i'm done getting everything set up. I wish I had unlimited money right now so I could go all out on the place, guess that will take time. Anyways check out this cute chain tray!

The simple directions are from PS I made this:

To create- lay chain or other jewelry face down onto copy machine in your desired pattern. Be sure to keep the lid OPEN, this will create a black background when you hit “Color Copy”. Depending on size of the frame, you may need 1-2 sheets of copied paper. After the ink is totally dry, use double stick tape to connect paper together, which make it look like a seamless and continued pattern. Place papers under glass, and secure into the frame. Use Gorilla Glue (toughest stuff on the planet) to adhere handles, (which are actually drawer pulls that you pick up at the hardware store) to the sides of the frame. Hold in place, and let dry for 24 hours before picking up.

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